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We are Asia’s leading worldwide digital retail distributor and cross-border e-commerce service provider


 your everyday e-commerce partner

We understand the global market landscape, trade and compliance policies and are here to help!

We support Asia based manufacturers and brands to expand their global footprints

Scale up brand and
product via worldwide distributions
Advise market entry
strategies and marketing
Innovate new product and
brand propositions
Manage supply chain optimization
and product sourcing

We offer an integrated digital distribution network worldwide

  • Our distribution channel cover all major consumer markets across major established online marketplaces
  • It also includes offline channels in global Alpha cities including Hong Kong, New York, London, Tokyo and New York
  • We offer a variety of cooperative methods from consignment to profit sharing

We provide all rounded cross-border e-commerce consultancy and management services

Advise you the best operating and legal structure to meet your financing and compliance need

Assist you to source the best products and seek liability insurance protection for your global network

Help to manage and optimize your existing e-commerce operations to achieve higher efficiency and return

We focus on lifestyle and household goods and brands of sustainable nature

We support products that endure and sustains with minimal impact on environment

We collaborate with brands which bring values to life through their products

We drive accelerated business growth and deliver substantiated customer value

Our professionals are of combined knowledge of all major corporate functions from finance to operation to planning to market where we can help you solve problems as they arise

We have established framework and working model to increase your performance by achieving higher efficiency and return on investment.